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Day face cream
98.7% natural ingredients
It has a lifting effect, improves skin tone and elasticity.
Throughout the day, it protects skin from dehydration and negative environmental factors.
Strengthens the antioxidant defence of cells.
Hand Cream
98.3% natural ingredients
Nourishes and regenerates the skin, restoring the beautifully well-maintained look to the hands.
Targeted against age-related skin changes.
Protects against the negative effects of ultraviolet rays and other aggressive environmental factors.
Facial Serum
97.5% natural ingredients
Provides a comprehensive rejuvenating effect.
Provides an intense lifting effect.
Restores and maintains an even, healthy complexion.
Eye Cream
98.8% natural ingredients
Provides comprehensive anti-age care for the skin around the eyes.
Provides an intense lifting effect, prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
Provides antioxidant protection.
Night Cream
98.8% natural ingredients
Launches natural skin renewal processes at night.
Has a targeted anti-wrinkle effect, improves the structure of skin.
Strengthens antioxidant protection, improves complexion.
M-Gel for your beautiful skin
Moisturizing and filling effect;
Microstimulation and antioxidant protection;
Wrinkle reduction;
Set of Cosmetic Products
Moisturizes the skin and evens out its structure.
Provides comprehensive antioxidant protection.
Accelerates metabolic processes in the skin.
BEAUTY HIT is a new series of natural cosmetics for full anti-age face and hand care from the well-known Project V brand.
The five products included in the line can literally reverse time when used in combination. They are created on the basis of natural innovative anti-age elements: bakuchiola extract fights signs of aging at any stage, reduces the level of wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones, enhances the antioxidant protection of the skin, fights acne and inflammation.
All complex care products are based on innovative natural anti-age elements
Bakuchiola extract, an anti-age element with clinically proven anti-aging properties, fights signs of aging at any stage, reduces the level of wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones, enhances the antioxidant protection of the skin, fights acne and inflammation.

The unique anti-age complex Project V, consisting of vegetable glycerin, fig, ginkgo biloba and ginseng extracts, has been shown to be effective in M-Gel. Provides intensive toning and regeneration, protects against photodamage, launches its own regenerative processes in the skin.
Benefits of each product
In each of the anti-age complex care products, the base of all formulas are one of 4 patented herbal anti-age complexes and shea butter in MH hand cream. В зависимости от направленности средства, они вносят свой вклад в антивозрастной уход за кожей: стимулируют синтез коллагена, повышают упругость, выравнивают микрорельеф и тон кожи, обеспечивают эффект лифтинга. Luxuriously nourishing, shea butter softens and rejuvenates hand skin, helping to provide optimal moisture levels and protection from external stress factors.
100% natural
Organics without GMO
Made in France
ethically made
Each product contains over 97% natural ingredients derived from natural, eco-certified plant materials. Cosmetics are created in France at a facility that is one of the top 5 pharmaceutical industries in France, and meets the strictest world-class GMP quality standards.